Orbis Finance (“Orbis”) is a novel financial platform to facilitate a transparent transaction in all facets of automotive lending. Orbis means “world” in Latin. Our global perspective of the lending transaction serves to motivate innovation in the emerging digital currency economy. 


The Company's blockchain supported portal brings together borrowers, lenders and ecosystem participants in a controlled environment. The portal utilizes our proprietary algorithm to evaluate the consumer's current credit situation. This evaluation accurately predicts the performance of each loan and provides the guidelines needed to properly structure the required down payment, instalment amount, loan term, and interest rate.


By eliminating traditional banking and risk management barriers, Orbis provides transparent conditions for both sides, creating a superior credit alternative to anything available today. Orbis neutralizes the lender’s credit risk, and in the case of a default, provide an alternative mechanism for managing the debt collection in the borrower’s country of residence.


Orbis has been awarded a provisional utility patent with the U.S. Patent Office for protection regarding the Company’s business processes and usage.