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The Team Behind ORBIS

Orbis is comprised of a seasoned team of automotive, banking, capital markets, and technology executives. The executive team at Orbis operates with a background of 75 years of combined experience in direct/indirect consumer lending and global markets. This experience centers around the generation, collateralization, securitization, collection and loss mitigation on over 40,000 consumer auto loans, consumer finance contracts and insurance premium finance assignments. 

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Sean Rowland – Founder & CEO. Sean is a seasoned leader, portfolio manager, and strategist with deep experience in global capital markets, financial operations management and driving significant revenue growth. He has succeeded in various roles in his career – a founding partner, operator, trader, CEO, strategist, and business developer. His experience as a decision-maker for an investment bank, a multibillion-dollar hedge fund, and multiple start-ups gives him a unique perspective on opportunity, risk, and execution.

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